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S 13 Bezier curves
You can trace curves by introducing points that guide the trend (Bezier method).
After putting the coordinates in X and Y and choosing a scale, use
bezier(X,Y,N)                                 where N is 0 or a color code. Try
bezier(a,b,1)  bezier(a,b,0)  bezier(a,b,"grey")     after you have introduced:
a <- c(-3,2,2,-1); b <- c(2,2,-2,1)

PLANE(-3,3, -3,3)
a <- c(-3,2,2,-1); b <- c(2,2,-2,1)
bezier(a,b,1); bezier(a,b,0); bezier(a,b,"grey")
xx <- c(-1,-1,0,0,1,1)
yy <- c(0,1,1,-1,-1,0)
bezier(xx,yy,0); bezier(xx,-yy,0)
bezier(xx,yy,"red"); bezier(xx,-yy,"black")
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