source("")    # If I have not already loaded the library
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S 17 Multiple graphs (in the same window)
rowcol(2,3)      # or:   colrow(3,2)
BoxW(0,6,0,6); BOX(); stepline(x,y, "blue"); BoxW(0,6,0,6); stepl(x,y, "blue")
Box_(0,6,0,6); polyline(x,y, "brown"); Box_(0,6,0,6); polyli(x,y, "seagreen")
Boxm_(0,6,0,6); POINT(x,y, "red"); Box_(0,6,0,6); POINT(x,y, "blue")


rowcol(m,n) [or colrow(n,m)]  predisposes to make graphs in a multiple window (m rows,
                              n columns)
Box_  opens a subwindow, and leaves the margins
Boxm_  opens a monometric subwindow, and leaves the margins

BoxW  opens a subwindow without leaving the margins [and without grid - if I want it I
BoxmW  opens a monometric subwindow without leaving the margins             use BOX()]

stepline  does not connect the "y"
stepl  like stepline, with thin lines

Another example:

Box_(0,6,0,6); stepline(x,y, "blue"); Box_(0,6,0,6); stepl(x,y, "blue")
Box_(0,6,0,6); polyline(x,y, "blue"); Box_(0,6,0,6); polyl(x,y, "blue")
Box_(0,6,0,6); polyli(x,y, "blue"); Box_(0,6,0,6); POINT(x,y, "blue")


Other here (to operate simultaneously on multiple windows) or here

Other examples of use