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# To copy data from your computer or network, you can also use (from File menu)
# OpenScript/ApriScript (and NewScript/NuovoScript):
# I can use NewScript to create a text file to copy data or commands.
# I can use OpenScript to open a text file from which I want to copy data or commands.
# If (within the opened file) I click with the right mouse button the commands in the
# line where the cursor is are executed. If I first select some lines, the selected
# commands are executed.
# I can also open files that are on the network. For example if in the box "File name"
# I put  http://macosa.dima.unige.it/R/t_sec.txt  I obtain:
# For another example put in "File name"  http://macosa.dima.unige.it/R/ex.txt
# We can execute some commands in the way we have said above.
# If I want (only) to see a file on the network, I can use: