Put the inputs in the boxes and choose the operation.  Use PI and NE instead of π and e (Euler's number).  Use A or B or C if you want to use previous output as input.  Use M and p if you want to use data that you have written or copied in the M or p box; p is also used as "Pr" of the binomial distribution; you can also add or multiply data by p.  Use Round to round to units or digits after or before them.

=   A

                  =   B                                        
[ -15.4^(1/3) gives -2.487.., -15.4^(1/2) gives -3.924.. BUT -15.4^(1/2) is not defined. Note that loga(x) = log(x)/log(a) ]

Enter the data separated by commas  (each possibly followed by *... with ... its frequency)

        =   C        

M   p
Storing calculations (you can also annotate comments)

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