Interval arithmetic - Intervalli d'indeterminazione
If the approximations of x and y are introduced, it gives those of the result (in two different ways)
Introdotte le approssimazioni di y e di y, fornisce (in due formati) quelle del risultato

uncertainty = indeterminazione

  A car, traveling at constant speed, covers  240 ± 2 m  in  12 ± 0.2 s.  What is its speed?

20.01 ± 0.50 m/s, or  20 ± 0.5 m/s.

  Other examples:  x*y, x∈[3.8,3.9], y∈[6.4,6.5];   x^y, x=0.9±0.5, y∈[1.39,1.40];   x/y, x=50±0.5, y=2.