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percentage × table integers decimals sum/ratios
mean division pocket c. 0 pocket c. 1 commands ex.
sorting manipulation quizzes block diagr.0 block diagr.1
block diagr.2 strip diagr. bar graphs bar g. fun. 360/100/180
h - min fractions a die - 2 dice histogram divisors
prime fatc. prime numb. simpl.fract./gcd decim./ratio + × integers
prop. transf. simple eq. rounding polyg./area ... ∠ABC
triangle circle ABC center/radius tangent 2 p./vector
line/line dist. P-line circle/circle Pr(x+y<k), ... approx.1
approx.2 tab.polin. pocket c. 2 boxplot boxplot 2
boxplot 3 factorial 1 factorial 2 distance in R^2 circle arcs
lin.system 2 lin.system 3 determinant lin.system 4 2 seq./vectors
binom.coeff. sq./cube root how many steps en/decode reorder quiz
divis.base≠10 repeated diff. funct.(tab/limit) recurs.def. series
integral pol. integral Gauss pol. equation equation max/min of pol.
max/min of fun. random number time × matr. deriv. of fun. integral of fun.
prob. of events dist. P-curve dist. curve-curve arc lenght lin. regression
qua. regression cub. regression distance in R^3 arc 3D lenght transf. seq.
tab. of fun. dist. on sphere calculations a magic square ex. of integrated uses

percentuali    percentage     (examples-esempi)

tabellina / × table (1-9)    1-12    1-12*    1-31     (remarks and examples-note ed esempi)

integers / numeri interi     (examples-esempi)

decimals / numeri decimali     (examples-esempi)

sums and ratios  /  somme e rapporti     (examples-esempi)

mean  /  media     (examples-esempi)

division  /  divisione    (examples-esempi)

pocket calculator  /  calcolatrice    (examples-esempi)

pocket calculator - 1  /  calcolatrice - 1    (examples-esempi)

use of array, write, writlen, for, if    (an example/un esempio)

sorting numbers / ordinamento di numeri    (examples/esempi)

Expression manipulation, Constants: examples that can be helpful (formule e costanti).

preparation and administration of quizzes


block diagrams - 0  /  diagramma a barre - 0    (examples-esempi)

block diagrams - 1  /  diagramma a barre - 1    (examples-esempi)

block diagrams - 2  /  diagramma a barre - 2    (examples-esempi)

strip diagrams  /  diagramma a striscia  (figure on the right)    (examples-esempi)

other bar graphs  /  altri grafici a barre    (examples)

bar graphs (of functions)    (examples)


h - min    (examples)

fractions / frazioni   (random)    (examples)

a die / un dado   (random)    (examples)

2 dice  /  2 dadi  (random)    (examples)

histogram (starting from single data)    (examples)
histogram with tighter rectangles

divisors  /  divisori    (examples)

prime factors  /  prime factors - 2    (examples)

prime number     (examples)

simplifying fractions  (GCD / MCD)    (examples)

d  →  m/n  (repeating decimal → ratio of integers  /  numero periodico → rapporto tra interi)


calculations with anyway large integers / calcoli con interi comunque grandi   (examples)

proportional transformation of data    (examples)

solve simple equations    (examples)

rounding  /  arrotondamento    (examples)

area and center (and perimeter)  /  area e centro (e perimetro)    (example, with PHP / Desmos graph)

angle ABC  /  angolo ABC    (examples)

triangle (if I know 3 sides/angles)

circle that passes through 3 points    (examples)


center/radius of a circle    (examples)


Tangents to a circle passing through a point P    (examples)

2 points in the plane (vector)    (examples)


intersection of 2 straight lines     (examples)

distance between a point and a line     (examples)

intersection of 2 circles     (examples)

x+y < k, if x,y ∈ [0,1]    (and other examples)

approximations - interval arithmetic - intervalli d'indeterminazione     (examples)

approximations of generic functions (of 1,…,4 variables)

tabulating polinomial function    (examples)

pocket calculator - 2    (examples)

boxplot    (examples)

boxplot comparison    (examples)

boxplot of classified data    (examples)

factorial (!)     fattoriale (!)

factorial (!)    (examples)


length of circle arcs

linear system - 2 equations

linear system - 3 equations    (examples)

determinant 3x3

linear system - 4 equations (and determinant 4x4)    (examples)

2 sequences / vectors    (examples)

binomial coefficient   (see also ↑ "pocket calc. 2")

square root and cube root    (see also "recursive definitions" below)

How many steps? / Quanti passi?
How many steps? - more / Quanti passi? - bis

encode / decode    (examples)

change the order of quizzes    (examples-esempi)

division in a base of your choice    (examples)

division of m by n with m < n (natural numbers in base ten) and result in a base of your choice
By clicking  [one step]  you gradually get the figures of the result
m = n = base =
remainder =    

division of m by n with m < n (natural numbers in base ten) and result in a base of your choice
By clicking  [one step]  you gradually get the figures of the result
m = n = base =
remainder =    

repeated differences    (examples)

tabulation of a function  (and calculation of limits)   (examples)
[Now  x →  sin(x)/x  is calculated]

recursive definition    (examples)
[Now  F(1) = 1, F(n+1) = 2· F(n)  is calculated]

series    (examples)
[Now the sum 1 + 0.8 + 0.8² + 0.8³ + ... is calculated]

integrals of polynomial functions    (examples)

integral of Gauss distribution    (examples)

solve polinomial equations F(x)=0    (examples)

solve equations F(x)=0    (examples)

max of polinomial fun. in [a,b]

min of polinomial fun. in [a,b]    (examples)

max F in [a,b]    (examples)
[Now F is  x^4 + 5*x^3 - 20*x + 2]


min F in [a,b]    (examples)
[Now F is  x^4 + 5*x^3 - 20*x + 2]


random number generation    (examples)

time to multiply N×N matrices    (examples)

derivative of functions    (examples)
[Now the function is x → x³+1]

integrals of functions    (examples)
[Now the integral of x → √(x³+1) - between 1 and 7 - is calculated]

probability of events    (examples)

distance of a point P from a curve x=x(t), y=y(t)   (examples)

distance between two curves P=P1(t1) and P=P2(t2)   (examples)

arc lenght   (examples)

linear regression   (examples)

quadratic regression   (examples)

cubic regression   (examples)

2 points in the space   (examples)

arc 3D lenght    (example)

transformation of data sequences   (examples)

automatic tabulation of a function (for various uses)   (examples)

orthodromic distance (distance between 2 points on a sphere)   (examples)

calculations    (example)

a magic square  /  un quadrato magico    (examples-esempi)

Examples of integrated uses of various scripts