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You can open the Code and modify the function: see the Help

function f(x) { y = 1/0; return y }
function g(x) { y = (46+5)/(2.6-0.05)*x; return y }
function h(x) { y = (72-6)/(3.8+0.05)*x; return y }

aX = 0; bX = 4; aY = 0; bY = 80
Dx = 1; Dy = 10

Px=[0]; Py=[0]
Dx1=0.4; Ex1=0.05; L1x=[Dx1-Ex1,Dx1+Ex1,Dx1+Ex1,Dx1-Ex1,Dx1-Ex1];  Dy1=7; Ey1=3; L1y=[Dy1-Ey1,Dy1-Ey1,Dy1+Ey1,Dy1+Ey1,Dy1-Ey1]
D2x=0.8; Ex2=0.05; L2x=[D2x-Ex2,D2x+Ex2,D2x+Ex2,D2x-Ex2,D2x-Ex2]; D2y=17; Ey2=3; L2y=[D2y-Ey2,D2y-Ey2,D2y+Ey2,D2y+Ey2,D2y-Ey2]
D3x=1.4; Ex3=0.05; L3x=[D3x-Ex3,D3x+Ex3,D3x+Ex3,D3x-Ex3,D3x-Ex3]; D3y=25; Ey3=3; L3y=[D3y-Ey3,D3y-Ey3,D3y+Ey3,D3y+Ey3,D3y-Ey3]
D4x=2.0; Ex4=0.05; L4x=[D4x-Ex4,D4x+Ex4,D4x+Ex4,D4x-Ex4,D4x-Ex4]; D4y=38; Ey4=4; L4y=[D4y-Ey4,D4y-Ey4,D4y+Ey4,D4y+Ey4,D4y-Ey4]
D5x=2.6; Ex5=0.05; L5x=[D5x-Ex5,D5x+Ex5,D5x+Ex5,D5x-Ex5,D5x-Ex5]; D5y=46; Ey5=5; L5y=[D5y-Ey5,D5y-Ey5,D5y+Ey5,D5y+Ey5,D5y-Ey5]
D6x=3.4; Ex6=0.05; L6x=[D6x-Ex6,D6x+Ex6,D6x+Ex6,D6x-Ex6,D6x-Ex6]; D6y=62; Ey6=5; L6y=[D6y-Ey6,D6y-Ey6,D6y+Ey6,D6y+Ey6,D6y-Ey6]
D7x=3.8; Ex7=0.05; L7x=[D7x-Ex7,D7x+Ex7,D7x+Ex7,D7x-Ex7,D7x-Ex7]; D7y=72; Ey7=6; L7y=[D7y-Ey7,D7y-Ey7,D7y+Ey7,D7y+Ey7,D7y-Ey7]

BX="V2"; BY="h"
AAX=aX; BBX=bX; AAY="0 "; BBY=bY