Command INDEX in alphabetical order and in sequential order  -  using: source("")

 Alphabetical  INDEX   A B C   (grouped by level, A B C)  (grouped by type)  (subjects)
keywords                    type                           alternative
#                        Here utility
^ v                      Here utility
;                        Here utility
.                        Here radix point 
. ,                      here radix point 
:                        Here herE sequences
*  /  ^                  Here operator 
( )                      Here parenthesis 
[ ]                      Here utility 
[ ]                      Here here place  (of an indexed collection or indexed variable)
{ }                      here compound expression
->  <-  =                herE utility
%/%  %%                  here operator
%*%                      here operator
!=   !                   here ≠  not
==                       here = (relation)
&   |                    here connective
\n \t \b                 here separators
$                        here extracts output 
?Math                    here info
<<-                      here utility
+                        herE drawing/computation
3D                       {see persp}
abline                   here grid
abovex  abovey           Here add writing                    [suassex,suassey]
ABOVE above              Here add writing
a/AboveX/Y               here add writing
abs                      here operator
add                      here operator                       [som]
add                      here drawing
angle                    Here computation                    [angolo]
affine                   herE here computation
alarm()                  here signal
Animation                here here topic
app                      here approx. numeric string
approx  approx2          here computation                    [approssima …2]
ARC  ARCd  arc  arcC     here drawing                        [arco]
areaPol                  herE here computation
areaF areaPar areaPolar  here drawing/computation
AREAT                    herE computation
array                    here here data
a/Arrow  a/ArroW         herE drawing                        [f/Freccia f/FrecciA]
a/Arrow2  a/ArroW2       here drawing                        [f/Freccia2 f/FrecciA2]
as.roman                 here computation
ASP                      here box                            [RAPP]
AXES  AXES2              here drawing
bar   Bar  BarNames      Here drawing                        [Barre,nomiBarre]
BAR  BarH                herE drawing                        [BARRE, BarreO]
BarC  BARC  BARM         here drawing                        [BarreC, BARREC]
BAR2                     here drawing                        [BARRE2]
barplot                  here drawing
bases of numeration      here topic
bezier                   here drawing  
BF                       Here box
Binomial                 here topic
bisector                 {see incentre }
bivariate data           here topic
BOH()                    here 3D
boxAB                    here here drawing
BOX BOXg BOXw            here box                            [BOXs]
Box_ Boxm_ BoxW BoxmW/WW here box                            [BoxmN, BoxN]
BOXW  boxW  boxWW        here box                            [boxmN,boxN,boxNN]
boxplot                  Here Here drawing
boxPlot Bbox Hbox        herE drawing
bquote                   here add writing
break                    here loop
c(…)                     Here collection
casa()                   here 3D
cat  CAT  Cat            here print
centreParam centrePolar  here computation
centrePol                here drawing/computation            [centroPol]
cex.axis                 here add writing
choose  combn            here operator
circle circle3p center3p Here drawing/comput.                [cerchio,centro3p,cerchio3p]
circl3p  circl circl2    here drawing                        [cerch3p,cerch,cerch2]
circleC                  herE drawing                        [cerchioC]
circle_circle            herE drawing/computation            [cerchio_cerchio]
circle3pA circleA …      herE drawing/computation            [cerchio…]
CiRcLe                   here drawing                        [cErChi]
CLEAN                    here drawing                        [CANCELLA,PULISCI]
clipboard                here download
clock                    Here time
Code Decode              here operator                       [Codifica ,Decodifica]
coldash                  herE drawing                        [coltrat]
Coldash                  herE drawing                        [Coltrat]
Colors                   Here info {see also rgb}            [Colori]
colors                   here parameter
coloring the figures     {see diseq }
colRect                  here drawing
colrow                   here box
complex numbers          here here number
confInt                  here computation
Conic                    here drawing/computation
Contingency Tables       here topic
continuity  jump  hole   here topic
contour                  here drawing
cor                      here here computation
cor2                     here computation
cos sin tan acos … atan  here operator
CROSS CIRCLE ...         herE drawing
crossp                   here operator
CURVE CURV CUR CURVEN CURN  here drawing  {see also param}      [curva,cur,curvan]
CURVES                   herE drawing/animation
curve fitting            here topic
curve1P ... curve4P      here drawing/animation
d/Dart dirArrow/w1/w2    herE drawing/comput.                [frec,dirFreccia/a1/a2]
d/Dart2  Direction(…,0)  here drawing                        [freccia2]
data                     {see  readLines   read.table   scan   script }
dbinom dmultinom         here computation
dchisq pchisq qchisq     here computation
degrees                  here constant                       [gradi]
deriv/v1/…/v6 D derivxy  here computation                    [derivata,...]
det                      here operator         here box
Die DieB Die2 DieB2 DIE  here statistics                     [Dado,DadoB,Dado2,DadoB2,DADO]
dif                      here operator
Directio/on/onx/ony      herE drawing/computation            [Direzione]
diredif                  here drawing
D/diseq  D/diseq1/2      here drawing
distance                 {see point_point  point_line  distPF }
distCC  distPC           here computation
distPF                   here computation
dist_taxi                here computation
distribution             Here computation                    [distribuzione]
distribution             here topic
div  divisors            Here computation                    [divisori]
divInt                   herE computation
divp                     here computation
dMmM  DMmM               here drawing                        [cMmM,CMmM]
dnorm rnorm              here computation
Dot  Dot2                here drawing                        [Punticino]
dotp                     here operator
dpois                    here computation
e  exp                   here constant/operator
EPS                      here computation
eqSystem                 here computation
escher                   here drawing
eval                     here computation
F_RUN1,…,F_RUN4          {see curve fitting }
factorial  floor         here operator
factorization            {see primes  polyroot }
FALSE                    here constant
FIGURE                   here drawing
file                     {see read...  write }
floor  Floor             here operator
for                      here here loop
fraction                 Here operator                       [frazio]
function                 Here Here here definition             
fun1P ... fun4P          here drawing/animation
functions (study of)     here topic
functions of 2 var.      here here here topic
Gaussian                 here topic
GCD                      Here computation                    [MCD]
geometric transform.     here here topic  {see also symm}
Gintegral G…ra G…r       here drawing                        [gintegrale,…]
Gonio … goniom goniome … here herE drawing
GRAF3D                   {see persp}                         [GRAF3DIM]
graph                    Here drawing  {see also CURVE}      [grafico]
graphF   herE drawing                        [graficoF]
graph1/2  graph1F/2F     here drawing                        [grafic,grafi,…}
GRAPH/1/2                here drawing
Grid/w GRID/w g/GridH/V  herE grid                           [Griglia/s,grigliaO/V,…}
gridHC … GridVC gridh/v  herE grid
grid (non-decimal)       here here topic
halfline                 Here drawing                        [semiretta]
halfl                    here drawing
help                     here info
hessian                  here computation                    [hessiano]
HF                       Here box
Histo/Histogram          Here herE drawing                        [Istogramma]
histo/histogram          Here drawing  {see also CROSS}      [istogramma]
histoclas                herE drawing  {see also pyramid}    [istoclas]
hist                     here here drawing
hist3D                   here drawing
hms                      herE computation
Hour                     here time
house()                  here 3D
if  ifelse               here test
incentre                 herE computation
inclination              Here computation
inequalities             {see diseq}
Inf                      here constant
INI_N                    here operator
INPUT                    Here drawing
integer                  {see round trunc divInt}
integral                 here computation                    [integrale]
integralA,…,integralD    here computation                    [integraleA,…]
INTEGRAL                 here computation
intersection             {see point_…  circle_…  solution2}
INV                      here operator
isin                     herE operator
Italy1/2/3               herE drawing
l2p                      here drawing
last                     here computation                    [ultimo]
LCM                      Here computation                    [MCM]
LCROSS   lCROSS   ...    herE drawing
leng                     Here computation                    [lung]
length                   Here computation
lengFun/Par/Par3/Polar   here computation
line  line2p             Here drawing {see also polyl}       [linea,retta2p]
LIne  Line               here drawing
line_line  line_line2    herE drawing/computation   {see also point_inclina}
log log2 log10           {see ?Math}
LR  LR0                  here computation
lty                      here drawing/grid
MARG                     here box
matrices                 {see array}
max  min                 Here operator
maxmin minmax            herE operator
MAXF2                    here operator
mean   Median  median    Here operator   {see also Wmean …}
meanPlot medianPlot      herE drawing
mean of a function       here
mid2p                    Here drawing                        [medio2p]
MINF2                    here operator
Minute                   here time
mmpaper1/2/3             Here drawing                        [cartamm1/2/3]
mmpaper   mmPaper        here drawing                        [Cartamm,cartamm]
MNb                      here operator
moving mean              here topic
modulus magnitude        here operator
mosaicplot               here drawing
more                     here operator   {see also add}
morestat                 Here Here operator                  [altrestat]
multiply multrarot …     here drawing                        [moltiplica,moltrarot;…]
MulTraRot                here computation                    [MolTraRot]
nchar  NUMBER            here operator
nclass                   here parameter
Ncolor                   here info                           [Ncolori]
noClass                  Here drawing
noGrid                   herE drawing                        [noGriglia]
noMean                   herE herE herE drawing
noPrint                  herE option                         [noStampa]
now                      Here time
NPF  NpF  NpsF           herE drawing                        [NPuntiF,NpuntiF,NPUNTIF]
NULL                     here (undefined) constant
NW                       here box
OUTPUT                   Here drawing
out  (outliers)          herE operator
P PPP                    here drawing
P_tan                    herE operator
p2p  polylin/li/l        here drawing                        [a2p,spezzata,…]
Parabola ParabolaM       here drawing
param/mb polar/rb para … here drawing
paste0                   here operator
percentile Percentile    herE operator
perp2p                   Here drawing                        [asse2p]
perp3p                   Here drawing
persp                    here here drawing (3D)
pieC  Pie  PieNames      Here drawing                        [torta,nomiTorta]
Pie(0)                   Here drawing
PIE  PIEh                herE drawing                        [Torta,Tortam]
PIEC/_/H/2 PieC/…        here drawing                        [TortaC,tortaC,…]
PLANE                    Here box {see also ASP  recordP.}   [PIANO,…]
Plane                    Here box                            [Piano]
PlaneW/w/ww PLANEW/…     herE box        {see also boxW}     [PianoS,…]
PLANE2 Plane2            here box                            [PIANO2,Piano2]
PLANEP PlaneP            here box       {see also BOX …}
plot                     here drawing
Point  POINT             Here drawing  {see also xy  Dot}    [PUNTO,…]
pointO/D/V               here drawing                        [puntiO/D/V]
point_inclina            herE drawing
point_line/2             herE computation
point_point              Here computation
pointDiff/0/2            here drawing/computation
polar                    {see param}    {see also pointO …}
polar1P ... polar3P      here drawing/animation
polfun                   here computation
polyD  PQ  P/p/PQtext/2  here draw/add writing               [spezzaT]
polyC polyline           Here Here drawing                   [spezzaC,spezzata]
polyl polylin  polyli    here drawing (also dashed line)     [spezza,spezzat]
polylineR polyR polyRC   herE drawing                        [poligono,poligo/C]
polyroot  (polynomial)   here computation    {see also solpol  xy_2 …}
polyS polyS2             here drawing                        [spezzaL,spezza2L}
PR  PR2                  {see Simulation}
primes  Primes           Here computation
print                    here print
pro                      here operator
probability              here topic
prod                     here computation
prodp  prodp2 … propd8   here computation
prods  prodv             here operator
Ptext PtexT ...          here draw/add writing               [spezzaT]
PXY   (3D -> 2D)         here computation
pyramid                  herE drawing
Quadrilateral            here drawing (/animation)
questio  questioP        herE drawing/operator
quit                     Here closure of the session
rad4/6                   here operator
radius3p                 Here drawing/computation            [raggio3p]
range                    herE operator
RANGE                    here operator
r/RATIO                  Here drawing
readLines                here here download
read.table               here here download
recordPlot replayPlot    here box (saving/replaying plot)
rect                     here drawing
recursion                here topic
regression/1/2/3         here computation    {see also LR  pointDiff}
rep                      herE sequences
reverse                  here operator
rgb                      here parameter
right=FALSE              here parameter
rm(list=ls())            here reset
rottramul …              here drawing                        [rottramol]
RotTraMul  RotP          here computation                    [RotTraMol]
round rad2 rad3          Here operator     {see also print}
rowcol                   here box
runif RUNIF RUNIF2 RunIf here here number generator
sample                   here number generator
scale (non-decimal)      here here topic
scan  script  sep  skip  here download
Sd  SdM  sd  sqm         here here operator
seba(0) seba(1)          here drawing
Sec  Second              here time
segm                     Here drawing       {see also line  Direction}
seq                      herE sequences
set.seed  sample         here number generator
series  (Fourier too)    here topic
sheaf                    here here drawing
sigma                    {see dnorm}
sign signif              here operator
simplex                  here computation
Simulation               here here topic
sin cos tan asin … atan  here operator
sk sk2 …                 here operator
SLOPE                    Here computation
slope                    here drawing (/animation)           [pend]
soledif                  here drawing
solpol                   here computation                    [soluzione]
solution                 Here herE operator                  [soluz]
solution2                here operator                       [soluz2]
solut                    herE herE here here computation
sort                     Here operator
source                   here download
splinefun  splineC       here computation
sqm                      {see Sd}
sqrt                     Here operator
SQUARES  SQUARESC        Here drawing                        [QUADRETTI]
standard deviation       {see Sd}
startP                   here drawing
statistic/s              Here Here drawing/operator          [statistiche]
statistics               Here here topic
stem                     Here herE drawing/computation
stepline  stepl          here drawing                        [Spezzata]
str                      here here compact display
strip  Strip StripNames  Here drawing                        [Striscia,nomiStriscia]
Strip(0)                 Here drawing
StripC                   here drawing                        [StrisciaC]
strtoi  substr           here operator
subset                   here operator
substr                   here operator
sum                      Here operator
summary                  here operator
sump                     here computation
switch                   here test
symm  symm2              herE computation
system                   here here here here here topic
t                        here computation
table                    here topic
tan sin cos atan asin …  here operator
tan_circle  tan_circl    herE drawing
tangent lines            here topic
taylor                   here drawing/computation
test                     here topic
text                     here add writing    {see also bquote}
textAnalysis             here drawing/computation            [analisiTesto]
THERMO/2                 herE drawing
TICKx  TICKy             here grid                           [TACCHEx,TACCHEy]
toString                 here operator
transl                   here drawing                        [trasla]
Tree  Trees              herE drawing/computation {Ptext too}[Albero,Alberi]
tree                     here computation                    [struttura]
triASA/SAS/SSS/ASS       herE drawing/computation    {see also polyline}
TRUE                     here constant
trunc  Trunc             here operator
type                     herE add writing
UNDER                    Here add writing
underx/y/x2  u/UnderX/Y  here add writing                    [sottoassex,sottoAssex,…]
Var  var                 here here operator
vector                   here here here data
versor                   here operator
wait                     here time                           [attendi]
while                    here loop
windows (saving images)  Here box
Wmean Wmedian WSd WVar   here operator
write                    here print
xClick                   here display
xend                     here computation
xrot                     herE computation
xTab                     here operator
xy                       herE drawing/computation
xy_2 … xy_7 xy_fr        here computation
xyz_tfd  tfd_xyz         here computation
yClick                   here display
yend                     here computation
yrot                     herE computation
yTab                     here operator
ZZZ                      here curve storage

                            Sequential INDEX
Introduction        A
        >                         source("")
Use as calculator   B - E
        * /                       ;                       .
        round                     sqrt                    rad2
        rad3                      fraction                …e…
        div                       divisors
    Developments    E1 - E2
        Trees                     divInt                  hms
        abs                       sign                    rad4/6
        %/%                       quotient                remainder
        factorial                 choose                  Inf  .Machine  ?Math
        round  floor              e  exp                  print
        signif                    more                    last
        degrees                   str                     write
        \n \t \b                  cat                     for
Other calculi       F - G
        =                         c(…)                    sort
        [ ]                       min                     max
        length                    sum
    Developments    G1
        ->  <-
        prod                      reverse                 combn
        approx approx2            EPS
Figures             H - J
        PLANE                     BF HF                   circle
        POINT Point               circle3p                center3p
        radius3p                  Colors                  segm
        halfline                  line2p                  line
        point_point               inclination             angle
        mid2p                     perp2p                  polyline
        leng                      […:…]                   polyC
    Developments    J1 - J6
        areaPol                   xy                      arrow
        dart                      dirArrow                Direction
        line_line                 solut                   point_inclina
        line_line2                noPrint                 circleA
        xrot  yrot                circle3pA               type
        circle_circle             polylineR               polyRC
        triLLL                    triLAL                  triALA
        incentre                  P_tan
        ASP                       record/replayPlot
        ARC  ARCd                 circl circl3p arc       halfl l2p p2p
        polyli                    Ncolor                  rgb
        Quadrilateral             P                       PPP
        NW                        polyS polyS2            text
        dart2 arrow2 D… A…        bquote                  Direction
        MulTraRot                 RotTraMul               xend yend  Dot
Graphs              K
        Plane                     abovex                  abovey
        function                  graph                   solution
    Developments    K1 - K3
        graphF                    coldash                 NpF NPF NpsF
        underx …X                 undery U…Y              aboveY A…
        PlaneP  PLANEP            CURVE cur               graph1F graph1 …2…
        plot                      distPF                  CURVEN
        TICKx …y                  Plane2 PLANE2           solution2
        solpol solut              polyroot                sump prodp prodpN
        if ifelse for while       == != | &     { }       TRUE  break
        xy_2 … xy_7 xy_fr
Statistics          L - N
        Bar                       Pie                     Strip
        ABOVE UNDER above         distribution            min
        max                       length                  stem
        histogram                 noClass                 median
        mean                      Histogram               morestat
    Developments    N1 - N4
        BAR BarH PIE PIEh         rep                     Histogram
        stem/scale                histoclas               pointO/D/V
    Here (also Probability)
        BAR2                      PIEH PieC BARC Pie_ …   boxAB
        hist                             abline
        nclass                    cex.axis                right=FALSE
        runif                     sample                  set.seed
        Var Sd SdM                Die DieB                textAnalysis
More                O - P
        clock                     GCD                     primes
        LCM                       Pie(0)                  gonio(0)
        GONIO(0)                  Strip(0)                mmpaper1/2/3
        SQUARES                   INPUT                   OUTPUT
    Developments    P1 - P4
        seq  :                    PLANE/W/w/ww            Plane/W/w/ww
        circleC                   GRID/w Grid/w           gridH/V GridH/V
        Gonio                     CROSS CIRCLE LCROSS COUNT THERMO/2
        mmpaper mmPaper           CiRcLe dNmM …

New Sections

S01  Parametric and Polar Equations. Geometric Transformations
       param  polar  distCC distPC  rottramul  multra  multiply … ZZZ; see also #J
S02  Inequalities and Systems of Inequalities
       diseq   diseq2
S03  Vector Calculus
       prodv (or crossp) prods (or dotp) modulus (or magnitude) versor; see also J-2, #J
S04  Lenghts and Areas
       areaF areaPar areaPolar lengFun lengPar lengPolar lengPar3 startP x/y Click
S05  Equation systems
       eqSystem   solut
S06  To estimate the best fit straight line
       pointDiff  pointDiff0  pointDiff2  colRect  rep
S07  Centroid (and Barycenter)
       centrePol  xTab  yTab  Line  LIne
S08  Integrals and Derivatives (and Limits). Taylor polynomial
       deriv,deriv2,…,deriv6  derivxy  integral  Gintegral  eval …
S09  Differential equations (1st and 2nd order). Direction fields
       soledif    diredif
S10  Calculations with "big" numbers. Strings <-> Numbers. Bases ≠ ten
       add pro dif app  strtoi nchar substr toString NUMBER paste0  as.roman MNb
S11  Perspective. 3D
       casa()   GRAF3D   BOH()   seba(0)   seba(1)    PXY  xyz_tfd  tfd_xyz
S12  Regression. Splines. Curve Fitting. Moving average
       regression    regression1/2/3     spline  splineC   FRUN…
S13  Bezier curves
S14  Escher
S15  Trees and other Graphs
       PQ  Ptext  ptext  PQtext  Ptext2  polyD  CLEAN 
S16  Windows without the margins
       BOXW   boxW
S17  Multiple graphs (in the same window)
       rowcol  colrow    Boxm_  Box_    BoxW  BoxmW    stepline  stepl
S18  Animations
       Hour Minute Second Sec wait  BOXw BOXg CLEAN  fun3P curve4P polar3P  slope
S19  Complex numbers. Matrices. Functions of two variables. Series
       [ see the links ] 
S20  Tree structure (and other graphs)
       tree   (and other commands) 
S21  Random generator of exercises

The first page