8) 3
7) 1
6) 4
5) 5
4) 10
3) 13
2) 17
1) 7

You can resize.
If you open the file by pressing the right mouse button you can select "open in a new window".
Go back, or reload the file, for a new data series, or CLICK to use a new window.
With Alt_Print you can copy the page and paste it into Paint or other applications.
Do not change the page size if you want to compare different histograms.
To compare different histograms you can fix the ratio between percentages and column lengths by putting a number in the box to the right of the "help" button (with 100, columns of a standard length, with a larger number [200, 300, ...] columns of shorter length, with a smaller number [90, 80, ...] columns of greater length.
It is advisable to copy the data (to eventually reuse or modify them) before clicking "Calculate".

If desired, using the percentages, the sectors representing the various parts can be drawn by hand using the following image (go to the image, press the right mouse button and copy the image or save a copy wherever you want).