First example.
1000 quantities with integer values that fall between 17 and 21, between 22 and 26, ..., between 47 and 51:

What we have here called the center, mathematicians call the median: it is the class in which the central value falls, ie the one that delimits the first 50% of the data.  Of course, it makes sense to take this into consideration when classes are somehow ordered (in this case the order is numeric: 17-21, 22-26, ...).

Note. If there is a lot of data, you should first write the data to any text file and then copy it into the various cells:

You can resize.
If you open the file by pressing the right mouse button you can select "open in a new window".
Go back, or reload the file, for a new data series, or CLICK to use a new window.
With Alt_Print you can copy the page and paste it into Paint or other applications.
Do not change the page size if you want to compare different histograms.
To compare different histograms you can fix the ratio between percentages and column lengths by putting a number in the box to the right of the "help" button (with 100, columns of a standard length, with a larger number [200, 300, ...] columns of shorter length, with a smaller number [90, 80, ...] columns of greater length.

Second example.
How to compare different histograms: decine di migliaia di bovini, suini e ovini macellati in Italia nel 2010, al Nord, al Centro e al Sud (tens of thousands of cattle, pigs and sheep slaughtered in Italy in 2010, in the North, in the Center and in the South).

With [80] I get a bigger figure, with [200] I get a smaller one.

By using Paint (or ...), I can rotate the image:

Third example.
How to compare two passages, one in Italian, the other in English.
Few congress venues in Europe can boast such a scenic location. The 'Magazzini del Cotone' Congress Centre looks out over the waters of the old port from the 'Molo Vecchio' quay. The 'Porto Antico' is at the very heart of Genoa's old quarter, the liveliest and most picturesque part of the city.
Poche sedi congressuali in Europa possono vantare una collocazione altrettanto scenografica: il Centro Congressi dei Magazzini del Cotone, dalla banchina del Molo Vecchio si specchia nel bacino del Porto Antico, per secoli cuore della città. La parte storica di Genova, la più vivace e suggestiva, converge qui.

Words distributed by length.
English:  1, 2*7, 3*15, 4*11, 5*5, 6*6, 7*2, 8*3, 9*2, 10*0, 11
Italian:  1, 2*6, 3*9, 4*2, 5*7, 6*8, 7*4, 8*3, 9*2, 10*1, 11*1, 12*3

For the boxplot see here.

Italian: n=53  0*0, 1, 2*7, 3*15, 4*11, 5*5, 6*6, 7*2, 8*3, 9*2, 10*0, 11, 13*0
min=1   max=11   median=4   1^,3^ quartile, diff.: 3 6   3   mean =4.377358490566 (4.4)
English: n=47  0*0, 1, 2*6, 3*9, 4*2, 5*7, 6*8, 7*4, 8*3, 9*2, 10*1, 11*1, 12*3, 13*0
min=1   max=12   median=5   1^,3^ quartile, diff.: 3 7   4   mean =5.4893617021277 (5.5)

If desired, using the percentages, the sectors representing the various parts can be drawn by hand using the following image (go to the image, press the right mouse button and copy the image or save a copy wherever you want).