JavaScript    examples usable in teaching PHYSICS    [ excerpt from HERE ]

"Black box" scripts         Programming in JavaScript


approximations / approssimazioni   


scientific notation / notazione scientifica   

rounding  /  arrotondamento    (examples/esempi)

percentuali    percentage     (examples-esempi)


mean  /  media     (examples-esempi)

sorting numbers - 1 / ordinamento di numeri

carta millimetrata / graph paper

pendenza  /  slope

cerchio  /  circle

parabola  /  parable

area triangoli  /  area triangles


  ellissi / ellipses

istogramma (versione semplificata)  /  histogram (simplified version)
histogram (starting from single - or classified - data)    (examples)
histogram with tighter rectangles

boxplot    (examples)

approximations - interval arithmetic - intervalli d'indeterminazione     (examples)

solve simple equations / semplici equazioni    (examples)

pocket calculator    (examples)


triangle (if I know 3 Sides/Angles, se conosco 3 lati/angoli)

area and center (and perimeter)  /  area e centro (e perimetro)    (example)
area and center (picture)  /  area e centro (immagine)


barycenter in the plane

barycenter in the space

2 points in the plane (vector)    (examples)


2 sequences / vectors    (examples)

linear system - 2 equations

linear regression   (examples)


For programming in JavaScript  (examples related to teaching physics)  see  HERE.