•• Metti un intero positivo come "seme", metti due interi come A e B, e clicca [New]. Poi clicca ripetutamente [Click].
Lo script genera, apparentemente a caso, numeri interi diversi tra A e B.
Se riclicchi [New] con lo stesso "seme" verrà generata la stessa sequenza.
Se cambi seme ne verrà generata un'altra.

•• Put a positive integer as "seed", put two integers as A and B, and click [New]. Then click [Click] repeatedly.
The script generates, seemingly at random, different integers between A and B.
If you reclick [New] with the same integer the same sequence will be generated.
If you change integer another one will be generated.

Esempi / Examples

A random permutation of 14, 15, ..., 20:

A generic order in which I can extract the thirteen hearts cards:

A possible drawing of numbers in a game of "tombola":

Let's remember that the numbers generated appear distributed randomly:  actually, I can get the same sequence of numbers if I choose the same seed.

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