The table 1-9 is to be learned by heart, even without fixing the graphic representation. This can be useful to focus on some properties, or to do memorization exercises (memorization, however, must then be maintained without referring to the graphic representation).

You can do various activities with the multiplication tables. For example, we can find/consolidate that  A x B = B x A.  Or you may find that the same number can appear multiple times, arranged along a curve (see 1-12*):  later students will discover that it is hyperbola  (hyperboles, like all mathematical themes, must be introduced gradually and  taken up/deepened/more formalized  in the various subsequent levels of study, even if the teaching practice unfortunately does not take into account these obvious considerations …).

Obviously, the use of software like this must be preceded and/or accompanied by other types of activities, possibly relying on animations that can be put online, such as  these  (other animations can be found here).