(a) Match the titles (on the right)
with the correct subtitles (below)
(b) Traduci in italiano il sottotitolo
che non hai utilizzato
The Uncertainties of a Preemptive Nuclear Attack 
Slurry Pipelines
A Molecular Basis of Cancer
The Social Archaeology of Megalithic Monuments 
The eruption of Krakatau
 1 Exactly what happened in the Sunda Straits 100 years ago is only now beginning to be understood  
 2 The henges of Neolithic Europe are associated with the rise of centralized political control
 3 Ore concentrates, coal and other commodities are transported long distances suspendend in water 
 4 With one oncogene a point mutation changes just one amino acid in the protein the gene encodes
 5 Crystals made up of semiconductors in thin layers hold much interest for physics and technology
 6 They suggest that the vulnerability of U.S. land-based missiles is overstated
(A) 6,5,4,2,1  (B) 1,6,4,2,3  (C) 6,2,3,4,1  (D) 1,5,4,2,3 (E) 6,3,4,2,1