Undo: This operation undoes the last performed action. You can undo as many consecutive operations as you want. The following actions are undoable:
  Construction steps
  Appearance changes
  Zooming, translating, and rotating views
  Deletion of elements
Redo: Redoes the last undo operation. You can redo as many consecutive undo operations as you want.
Delete: Deletes all selected elements and all elements that depend on them. If you delete elements by accident, just use "Undo" to restore them.
Selection Tools
Select All: Selects all geometric elements.
Select Points: Selects all points.
Select Lines: Selects all lines.
Select Conics: Selects all conics and circles.
Deselect: Clears the current selection.
File Operations
The file operations are rather standard and similar to corresponding operations in other programs. Constructions are stored in a special file format. The construction files have the extension .cdy.
New: Opens a new and empty construction window.
Load: Loads a construction.
Save: Prompts for a filename if needed and saves the construction.
Save As: Prompts for a new filename and saves the construction.
Export Tools
Export to HTML: This operation automatically generates an interactive HTML page.
Print All Views: Prints all currently open views. This operation makes use of the Java printing routines. The output is inferior to the output produced using the "Print PDF" command of a view, due to the limits of the Java printing interface. If you have the facilities to print and preview PDF files, it is much better to use this print format.

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